“It was a deeply, deeply restorative experience for me. The beauty of the place, the ease of staying there thanks to the excellent staff, and the thoughtful instruction all combined to transform me. I see the world around me differently now.”

— 2017 mindful unplug experience retreat attendee


The Mindful Unplug Experience 2018
Feathered Pipe Ranch - Montana

Join us from 11- 18 August, 2018 for a gentle week of mindful movement and sensory awareness choreographed by a skilled team of yoga, mindful movement, visual arts, sound, and meditation guides. It's all about slowing down, unplugging, and relishing the unfiltered experience of your personal inner world and the life-affirming natural landscape of the Feathered Pipe Ranch. A Ranch offering like no other, the Mindful Unplug Experience includes a restful balance of scheduled activities alongside ample unstructured free time for you to settle into your natural rhythm while surrounded by one of the sweetest Big Sky mountain locales on the planet.

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