Exploring Presence, Mindfulness & Sensory Perception

It’s so apparent how much thought, effort, and planning are put into this program. I appreciate it so much and it refreshes my soul. I’m lucky to be able to experience this. Your team made it look easy – it was all pretty seamless. I know from experience how much work goes into creating that effect!

— 2019 mindful unplug experience retreat attendee

The Mindful Unplug 2020

11 - 18 July 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch - Helena, Montana

What would it feel like to take a true break from the world of work, news, and social media? How can you be in the world, in these times, without abandoning your peace?

The constant tug to pursue and consume digital information makes it hard to stay connected to our real lives—the ones we had before the Internet. This is a chance to reclaim those lives, redirecting our individual and collective attention through mindful movement, contemplative practices, sensory awareness, and shared inquiry.

The Mindful Unplug will help you reconnect with nature, your inner landscape, and the joy of community. Our guide team will help you refresh and renew your perception of the world. You’ll return home with tools, insights, skills, and practices that cultivate resilience, compassion, and a more conscious relationship with technology. It all happens in a glorious mountain landscape with plenty of space for solitude as well as connection, supported by an easygoing, casual, and joyful vibe (along with heavenly food!) that has kept good souls coming back to Feathered Pipe Ranch for 45 years and counting.

I can’t adequately explain the experience when people ask, but it seems to me perhaps like a work of art? First, you are alone with your thoughts or ideas; then, perhaps noticing something more – such as colorful spools of thread or seeing unique patterns and shades in the light. And soon there are also individual squares of lovely textured fabrics that have formed to include palpable elements of depth and soul. And then, before you know it, this all blossoms into one magnificent living quilt! Bound together by spirit. By love. By each other. By Feathered Pipe
— 2019 Mindful Unplug Retreatant

This is a come-as-you-are retreat. No experience is needed with any of the modalities we explore and practice during our time together. We always have a lot of good old-fashioned fun during the Mindful Unplug! Our week together includes opportunities for: mindful movement and sensory practice; participatory sound, rhythm awareness, and voice practices (including an introduction to West African hand drumming); accessible meditation; and ample unstructured time for you to move at your own pace. For this fifth running of ‘the Unplug,’ we’re incorporating dedicated time for inquiry — guided by informed wisdom and deep expertise — into how to coexist with ubiquitous technology in a more conscious and mindful way.

Photography by Zane Williams

Photography by Zane Williams